Have astigmatism? Wear contacts? This lens is better than yours.

For most people with astigmatism, the contact lens options have been notoriously lousy since the dawn of time.  The vision is blurry, the contacts are uncomfortable, and they dry out after only 6 hours of wearing.  Those wearers without astigmatism have enjoyed great advancements in lenses that prevent dryness and itching, but those suffering from astigmatism have been left off the comfort train for quite some time.. until now.

Bausch and Laumb and Acuvue both released new daily disposable lenses this month that offer superior comfort and crisp vision.  Doctors and patients alike have waited for a new technology like this to come along for decades and it’s finally here.  The Oasys 1-day (Acuvue) and Biotrue for astigmatism (B&L) will be the solution for many patients dissatisfaction with previously tried contact lenses.

Schedule your contact lens evaluation today and try out the new lenses for a week.  It will change the way you see!  Suburban Eye Care: (734) 525-8170